Save money and lose weight: the ultimate food hack

Let's face it: most people these days find themselves wanting to save money and lose weight. Unfortunately, those two thoughts often seem at odds with each other. Eating better can come with a hefty price tag, when specialty products and obscure (and expensive) vegetables are touted as "the" way to shed kilos. Not only that,... Continue Reading →


Snack Attack Hack

If there's one thing I can't stand in life, it's being hit with a snack attack - the sudden and unbearable need to nibble on something - while I'm out and about, and having nothing at hand to nibble on. Hunger hits hard and fast, and often leaves me feeling a bit queasy, especially if... Continue Reading →

Supermarket Savings Hack

This supermarket savings hack may seem like Captain Obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said. Grocery shopping is not a generally exciting activity and it can be pretty easy to slip into a rut, buying the same products week in, week out, from habit. I swear I spend half my shopping trip in... Continue Reading →

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