Don’t ignore issues

Life gets busy. I know all about that - the eerie silence on this blog has been because life got busy. We've moved house, hosted Christmas, settled into hubby having a new job - all on top of the usual daily challenges of parenthood and life in general. When you're hurtling headlong through a seemingly... Continue Reading →


Get out of your head and help someone else

In times of uncertainty, how easy is to get wrapped up in yourself? Your mind constantly turns the situation over and over, looking for solutions. You call out to God for answers. You tell yourself, “I’ll stop being so self-absorbed when life has calmed down.” Well, that’s what I’ve been doing, at least. It seems... Continue Reading →

Find Happiness Where You Are

Happiness is a tricky thing. We all want to be happy - it's one of the foundations of having a good life. So why is it so elusive? Why do people spend their whole lives searching for the 'secret' to being happy? Books are written, seminars are delivered, red herrings are thrown out in the... Continue Reading →

Sad Vegetable Soup – A Frugal Recipe

It happens to all of us: you look into your fridge crisper drawer, and realise the chilled air has gotten to your vegetables before you have. Buried beneath newer stock are withered capsicums, bendy carrots, wrinkled tomatoes and limp lettuce. These sad old vegetables are past their prime and seem destined for the bin -... Continue Reading →

How to Hear From God

Growing up in an evangelical Baptist family, I knew about God from a very early age. I prayed, I read my bible - from the beautifully illustrated Beginner's Bible to the 'young adults' bible I still use now; I went to church (albeit reluctantly once I became too old for Sunday School but not old... Continue Reading →

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