A quick bit about me:

I live in Victoria, Australia – a lot of the budget-related stuff is going to be based on living, working, shopping and general spending in my patch of the world, so feel free to customise any tips to be relevant for where you live!

I have a husband, two kids, a (very old) dog (seriously old, guys…. I might have to update this page in the near-ish future), a cockatiel and a flock of delightful chooks.

I am currently a stay-at-home Mum wondering what I’m doing in my life and how I can improve things for myself and my family, while following God (yup, Christian here!). I love beautiful things, helping others through encouragement and sharing of useful tidbits of knowledge and advice, and seeking out ways to make the world a better place – from my inner world, to my house, community, country, and all the way up to the world! Dream big, hey!

It is my eventual goal to be an income-earning blogger. So there’s a bit of ulterior motive for you! But seriously, I am equally passionate about what I write, and helping relieve some of the financial burden for my family, so don’t be offended if I chuck in some affiliate links and whatever when I get up to it. I promise I will only affiliate with businesses I genuinely admire and can endorse.


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