Snack Attack Hack

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in life, it’s being hit with a snack attack – the sudden and unbearable need to nibble on something – while I’m out and about, and having nothing at hand to nibble on. Hunger hits hard and fast, and often leaves me feeling a bit queasy, especially if I’m driving. Until I cottoned on to this ‘snack attack hack,’ I would inevitably end up buying something to eat. Chocolate, a cheeseburger, a bucket of fried chicken and chips – whatever was quick, cheap, easy and nearby. It’s an unhealthy habit and not kind to the hip pocket.

The Snack Hack to End All Snack Attack Blow-Outs!

This is a slightly modified version of an idea I read in Peppermint magazine. [If you’re into life-affirming stuff like social and environmental ethics, community, art, etc, go read that magazine. It’s amazing.]

  1. Nibblies – go to your nearest nut vendor and … well, go nuts! Some of my favourite nibbly bits include: almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), cacao nibs (a little goes a long way, so don’t be put off by the price tag! A $12 bag – 300gm – has so far lasted me several months), yogurt-coated apricot balls, and sultanas. Other ideas might be bhuja mix, wasabi peas, savoury coated peanuts – you get the idea. Little bits of deliciousness that’ll last outside of the fridge!
  2. Big container – mix it all up and keep it stored in an airtight container (important for making it last without going stale – cheap supermarket containers tend not to do such an awesome job)
  3. Little container – scoop some of your nibbly snack mix into a snack-sized container when you’re heading out and bam! You are inoculated against the horrors of an Unsatisfied Snack Attack!

Tip: remember to pack a bottle of water, too, because your snack mix could leave you a bit dry-mouthed, and also because home-bottled water is cheap, healthy, and a much better option than a store-bought beverage.

My most recent mix – I tried some chickpea things, but wasn’t a huge fan. Yogurt balls are the best thing ever!

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