Life is not always plain sailing – at least, my life has certainly had its bumps in the road (to put it mildly). Now I find myself in the position of wanting to overcome a whole lot of the issues that have me weighed down. Personal issues (emotional, psychological); physical issues (fitness, chronic pain problems, exciting things like that) faith and spirituality issues; financial issues; family issues. I’ve never been content with simply sitting back and accepting the status quo – because to be honest, the status quo is crap. I want to enjoy life! I plan to do that by adjusting my attitudes in the present, and improving various aspects of my life now and going forward.

My plan is simple: identify problems that hold me back in life and find solutions through research, improvisation, and trial and error – then blog about it. Not only is it a good way to reflect and sort through my thoughts, but I believe that the best way to learn and grow is through community – teaching and learning from others.

So come along, add your thoughts and experiences, and let’s seek the good life together!


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